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Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Sex Toys, and Perfect Relationships!

I can’t remember my first day of school (I was only 5). Don’t quite remember the first day on the job (It felt like the first day of school). Really can’t remember if I said, “I love You!” first or if she said it (Wait, when was the last time she said it?). And I can’t remember if I put the toilet seat down or if I locked the front door. (Not sure why those things are important?). “I knew she was the one when she left her toothbrush at my place, and I didn’t throw it in the garbage.” – Bum
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Appropriate Behavior Quatre – Extra Guacamole and Sour Cream

 READ PART THREE HERE —-> “Do Good for Bad” (If you don’t read the previous posts you won’t understand this post) When I was in second grade I discovered that I wasn’t good at playing sports. I realized this while playing an intense game of championship kickball one afternoon during recess. The score was tied 3 to 3 with 3 men on base, and 3 minutes left until recess was over. It was a cloudy August day with temperatures in the low 70’s, but it was definitely tim
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Appropriate Behavior Deux! Actions Speak Louder than Posts

READ PART ONE HERE —–> Appropriate Behavior I’ve done a few stupid things in my life like the time I punched a guy for staring at my wife a little too long. only to find out he was blind and waiting patiently for someone to bring his cane. Then there was the time I spent my entire check on lottery scratch-offs just because my palm had been Itching ALL DAY.  I won $17, and it only took $367 to do so. And did i mention the time  I locked myself out and had to climb the fire es
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