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Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Sex Toys, and Perfect Relationships!

I can’t remember my first day of school (I was only 5). Don’t quite remember the first day on the job (It felt like the first day of school). Really can’t remember if I said, “I love You!” first or if she said it (Wait, when was the last time she said it?). And I can’t remember if I put the toilet seat down or if I locked the front door. (Not sure why those things are important?). “I knew she was the one when she left her toothbrush at my place, and I didn’t throw it in the garbage.” – Bum
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Think Like A Kid! Act Like A Kid!

What should you do when you find your relationship falling into a boring routine? Should you immediately plan a trip to somewhere exotic even if you really don’t have the money? That’s what I “attempted” to do. After slipping into a nightly routine of falling asleep on the couch, I decided to surprise my wife with a romantic get-a-way to Puerto Rico. After paying for our mini-vacation and requesting time off from work, I discovered that the non-refundable trip did not inc
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10 Ways to Best Introduce Your Ex and Wife

1. Purchase Football Gear and Meet in a Public Place. 2. Introduce them over the phone when your Ex calls to wish you a Happy Birthday. 3. Have your Ex meet you at the Police Station and bring your wife along. 4. Introduce them when your wife least expects it. Take a stroll through the park and just happen to bump into your Ex. Never give your wife time to prepare for war. 5. Introduce them the day after your wife introduce you to her Ex. 6. Introduce them at Church, but only after you’ve
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$ Dollar Store LuV $. Bum Bum Jones

  In less than two weeks from today, men all over the United States will find themselves dishing out cash for a Valentine’s Day present. Wasn’t Christmas just 40 days ago? Anyway Valentine’s Day is a chance for you and your significant other to bond, re-kindle old memories, and spend an entire day creating new ones. But where did this idea of gift giving come from? Most guys think that the more they spend on a gift, the happier she’ll be. Wrong Wrong Wrong!!! Millionaire couples split up to
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