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Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Sex Toys, and Perfect Relationships!

I can’t remember my first day of school (I was only 5). Don’t quite remember the first day on the job (It felt like the first day of school). Really can’t remember if I said, “I love You!” first or if she said it (Wait, when was the last time she said it?). And I can’t remember if I put the toilet seat down or if I locked the front door. (Not sure why those things are important?). “I knew she was the one when she left her toothbrush at my place, and I didn’t throw it in the garbage.” – Bum
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I Spoiled my Wife. Now what?!?!?

A week ago, one of my co-workers (female) asked me, “Are you really really happy with your wife? She seems a bit high maintenance,  self-centered, and demanding. Why do you put up with this? And what’s up with this, “Perfect Relationship” biz you’re always talking about.” (Shots Fired!!!) I didn’t answer right away. To be honest I couldn’t answer right away, but constantly thought about what she said  for the next 2 weeks. Here’s the conclusi
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  I know this may sound generic, but I’m truly in love with my wife. And when I say in love with her, that means I still smile when I see her, call her during lunch breaks, and miss her when she’s away. Last week I bribed the B61 bus driver (using 2 energy drinks and a donut) into running a couple of stop lights just so I could hurry home and help my wife wash her hair. I took up yoga for an entire 7 minutes in hopes of improving my stamina. And I recently decided to hang out al
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